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Dream-coloured patisser

Best Baking Anime Ever.

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The story centers on a 14-year-old girl named Ichigo Amano who wants to be a pâtissière (female pastry chef), but is extremely clumsy. One day, she goes to a sweets convention and ends up meeting Henri Lucas (world famous patissiere) who recomends her to St Marie Academy. She enrolls in St. Marie Academy, a culinary school for sweets, and meets a "sweets spirit" named Vanilla. She gets off to a rough start when one of the Sweets Princes called Makoto Kashino yells at her, but when she meets her sweets spirit, Vanilla, she begins to learn the ups and downs of being a pâtissière. The series continues with Ichigo returning from Paris and creating a new Team Ichigo with Lemon, Johnny and Makoto Kashino.

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