Personal Information
Name Vanilla
Gender Female
Professional Status
Team Team Ichigo
Partner Amano Ichigo
Voice Actor Taketatsu, Ayana

Vanilla is Ichigo Amano's Sweet Spirit partner. She, along with Chocolat, Caramel and Cafe are aiming to become Court Patissieres. Vanilla's specialty is vanilla or batter-based desserts, just like her name.


Vanilla is normally very positive and kind, but according to Chocolat she's always been a "Spartan" educator, meaning she can be quite rough with people who don't listen to her instructions properly the first time. Still, she is also very attentive to others, as shown when she takes the time to make candy art wings for Ichigo on their first trip to the Sweets Kingdom together. Not exactly the most tactful character, but she always has the best of intentions at heart. She is often described as "pudgy" by Marron (Koshiro's Sweet Spirit) because of her short legs.