I'm not new to the wiki (this is just my new user account for Snowflake Mizuki). I would like to address the fact that I have a website for the manga chapters 32-34. They are pretty awesome and you might even see a lot of KashinoxIchigo <333333 I'll give you three options; 1. Directly screenshot all of it and post it so it doesn't lag (Unlikely), 2. Give you the link., or 3. Spoil it all in another blog post. The website does contain popups, so make sure you disable popups first. It does lag or doesn't show up sometimes, you must refresh it a few times. The translations are in Chinese, so you have to make do with that. If you are Chinese, lucky you! c: ~MM (be sure to chek out my blog too! (Located on my profile) Please comment down below which option you want.

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