Team François is one of the teams from the Paris Main Campus, and each member was personally scouted by Henri Lucas. They each have a Sweets Spirit.



Francois and her Sweets Spirit

François Adjani

She created the Dijonaise au Chocolat recipe which has already been chosen as a Court Recipe by the Sweets Kingdom. She is the team leader. She put on an act with Henri to shake up Mari Tennouji, which helped her team win the semi-finals of the Cake Grand Prix. In Round 2 of the Finals, she matched up against Ichigo Amano over the Pie batter. Using the feuilletage inverse technique, she won 5-0 over Ichigo's burnt crust.


Dominique and her Sweets Spirit

Dominique Darrieux

Has long, seafoam-green hair. In Round 2 of the Finals, she matched up against Makoto Kashino over the

Choux batter. Both made a Paris-Brest; Dominique filled hers with a classic bitter chocolate and almond praline, and Kashino used almond cream and added yuzu to a lemon cream base. She lost 0-5.


Katie and her Sweets Spirit

Katie Capuccine

In Round 2 of the Finals, she matched up against Sennosuke Andou over the Croissant batter. While what she included in her croissant is not addressed, Andou filled his with anko; Katie lost 1-4.


Isabella and her Sweets Spirit

Isabella Antonetti

Has short, dark blue hair. In Round 2 of the Finals, she matched up against Satsuki Hanabusa over the Succes batter. Both made macarons; Isabella chose Italian-style meringue against Hanabusa's French-style meringue. Isabella won 3-2, a close match that was determined because Italian-style meringue was more in vogue at the time of the competition.

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