St. Marie Acadamy is a culinary school for sweets. There are other branches of it in other countries but the main campus is in Paris. It and it's branches was created by Marie Lucas in order to raise patissier's and patissiere's and now all of them are run by Henri Lucas, a highly skilled patissier. It has grades from middle school all the way to the end of high school. The branches are connected to the Sweets Kingdom where Sweets Spirits come to one of the academies to choose a partner. It's a boarding school.

Salon De Marie

It's a sweet shop run by the High School Council. Only High School students can work there. All of it's sweets are made by talented High School students since the shop is usually visited by high class guests visiting the school.


For the girls of the blazer uniform: a orangey-brown jacket with red embroidery and buttons, she also wears the school skirt. Underneath her jacket she wears a beige shirt and a small red ribbon, her socks are white and knee length and she wears orange shoes.

St Marie's uniform is a pink shirt with a red tie/ and dark pink skirts/trousers. The school's cooking uniform is a chef's hat, a white jacket with a thick red ribbon and white trousers with a red cloth worn from the waist to knees. In the anime, different characters have their cooking uniform in tinted colours. Such as Amano Ichigo with a pink tint and Kashino Makato with blue tint.

For the blazer uniform

For boys:

List of Students


Main One: Paris Campus


Japanese Branch Campus