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Rumi is Ichigo Amano's roommate and one of her best friends. In one episode, she tells Ichigo that she's in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend. She is in the cooking class in group B or C, together with Kana, and two other girls

Rumi is also quite skilled in french.


Rumi is a very protective, brave and strong-willed person. Especially when it comes to her friends. When Kana Koizumi was bullied by other classmates she immediately protected and defended her. Rumi is also a sensitive person and she gets easily nervous in unexpected or private situations.


Rumi has long ginger hair with pony and hazel eyes. She wears her hair mostly open, except from Cooking class where she wears a plat.

Yumerio Patissiere SP Professional

In her first High school year at St. Marie, Rumi joined A group in Cooking Class, which is now represented by her, Ichigo, Lemon and Johnny McBeal.