Ricardo Benigni
Personal Information
Name Ricardo Benigni
Age 15 (Season 1)

17 (Season 2)

Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Sweets Spirit Basil
Team Team Ricardo
Occupation Student (Season One)

Patissier (Season Two)

Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita
Anime Episode 40: Bonjour! Paris

Ricardo is Italian. He studies at the St. Marie Academy's Paris Campus. His Sweets Spirit is Basil.


Rick's personality is similar to Satsuki Hanabusa; both are very fond of the ladies, chivalrous, and gentlemanly. It is to be noted that Rick does not reflect Satsuki's narcissistic nature, and seems more of a 'knight' than a 'prince.' Rick's "attractive" nature is expressed by stars instead of roses.


He is first seen in Season 1 of Yumeiro Patissiere. When he made his first appearance, he helped Ichigo who lost her way. On their first meeting it was taken into note by the other characters that he has a very similar personality to Satsuki Hanabusa. Although the two are both very similar, you would expect that they would get along better than is shown in the anime. However, since Ricardo often has the same taste of women as Hanabusa (any young woman; 'pretty lady') they constantly clash; maybe even more than Hanabusa does with Kashino. One example was when the two first met. At that time, they began to have showdown between each other.



Ricardo surprises Ichigo with a 'hug'.

Amano Ichigo

He is on very friendly terms with Ichigo since he had helped her when she had lost her way around at Paris. He is very flirtatious towards her, and because of this he, Hanabusa, and Kashino are on bad terms. And once again Andou has to calm the three down.

Satsuki Hanabusa

The two both have the same personality and character and due to this they are often seen clashing with their signature's floating behind them. Such as Ricardo's stars (seen at left) and Hanabusa's flowers (seen at right).

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