Natsume Amano
Natsume Amano
Personal Information
Name Natsume Amano
Gender Female
Professional Status

Natsume amano

Natsume after she wins her award.

Natsume Amano is a minor supporting character and Ichigo Amano's younger sister. She is a talented pianist. 


Natsume is shorter and younger than Ichigo and has large golden brown eyes with light brown hair and a fair complexion like her parents.

Role and Personality

Natsume is a smart and talented young girl, who is gifted at playing the piano and is not as clumsy as her older sister, because of this her mother, Kyouko fawned over Natsume, but was disapproving of and ignorant towards Ichigo, as she didn't have a special talent, other than being able to eat lots of sweets, prior to joining St. Marie Gakuen. As mentioned by Ichigo, the two are like rivals, they sometimes fall into arguments and rarely share a moment of true sisterly love and affection. However Natsume does seem to truly love her sister a lot deep down and Ichigo is the same. She later thanks Ichigo after Ichigo shouts a message of support to Natsume, when she was in a piano playing competiton and struggling to play the piano, as her hands went numb (causing their mother to get quite annoyed and Ichigo making a fool of herself.) She also stands up for Ichigo's dream alongside Kyouko, her mother, when her father Shigeru disapproves of Ichigo moving to St.Marie Gakuen. In the last episode of series 1, Natsume attends Ichigo's contest with her parents and when Ichigo wins with her Strawberry Tart againist Team Francis, she runs up to Ichigo and the two sisters hug each other.