Mint / ミント
Personal Information
Name Mint / ミント
Age 150
Gender Female
Professional Status
Team Team Lemon

Team Ricardo

Partner Yamagishi Lemon
Voice Actor Yui Ogura

Mint (ミント Minto) is Lemon's Sweets Spirit. Mint is the youngest of the Sweets Spirits.


It's is stated that Mint is 150 years old at that this is very young (according to Caramel), so it's not surprising that she sounds very childish, innocently referring to herself in third-person and ending her sentences in a cutesy -deshi instead of -desu. She's very positive and happy, but of a rather even temperament.


Mint is 150 years old in the manga and passed the advancement exam her very first time. She mentions in Season Two that when her parents come back from a trip, they give her lots of hugs, so we know she has very affectionate parents. Mint first met Lemon on the Japanese Branch Campus after Lemon lost to Ichigo in their rematch for the Cake Grand Prix's second round.