Michiko Amano
Michiko amano
Personal Information
Name Michiko Amano
Age Deceased
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Patissiere
Voice Actor Tamie Kubota

Michiko Amano is a pâtissiere and is a graduate from the St. Marie Academy in Paris. Marie Lucas trained Michiko. She makes Ichigo sweets whenever she feels sad when she was young. One of her most famous sweets that Ichigo remembers is her strawberry tart, which "puts a smile on her face" whenever she feels down. She has a recipe book, which is given by her son to Ichigo at last. She has her strawberry tart recipe kept in the library of the Sweets Kingdom. Her strawberries for her strawberry tart were grown in soil that is from Sweets Kingdom. She has two sons, Shigeru and Hikaru and two grandaughters Ichigo and Natsume. She died at the beginning of the series. It seems that Ichigo is her favourite granddaughter.