The Sweet Spirit of Michiko Amano and the former director of the Sweet Spirits Museum. On New Year's, Ichigo goes to the Sweets Kingdom for the first time. After meeting the troublesome trio, The Jerks, she follows Kasshi when spotting him in town. Ichigo gets lost is the mysterious forest and meets Marjoram for the first time. Marjoram helps Ichigo find for way to The Jerk's hide away and give Ichigo an old spoon that serves a later purpose. While Ichigo is in the Grand Prix, she wants to know her grandmother's special strawberry tart recipe that always made her smile. When she breaks into the museum to find it she gets caught and meets Marjoram once again. There, when Ichigo tells Marjoram that she wants to see her grandmother's recipe again, Marjoram gives her a test Michiko asked Marjoram to do.