Mari Tennouji / 天王寺麻里
Mari season 2
Personal Information
Name Mari Tennouji / 天王寺麻里
Gender Female
Professional Status
Sweets Spirit Honey
Team Team Tennouji
Occupation Student [Season One]

Patisserie Shop Manager [Season Two]

Voice Actor Eri Kitamura
Manga Recette 5
Anime Episode 3: Rose Sweets Prince

Mari Tennouji (天王寺麻里 Tennouji Mari) is known as Henri Lucas' favorite student and is also the Student Council President of the school. She is known to be the best in looks, grades, and her skills as a patisserie. Tennouji is often referred to as "Princess" or "Mari-hime" by her team and sometimes by other students at St. Marie Academy as well.

She is known as a genius when it comes to pastries and has received many awards for her excellent work. She is interested in Ichigo Amano's skills as she was recommended by Henri and thus Mari sees her as a rival.

She is the daughter of a Hotel Owner in Paris. She also has a Sweets Spirit named Honey. She has romantic feelings toward Henri which are rarely seen yet obvious. She has shown hints of jealousy towards Ichigo and is always looking for Henri's approval and praise. In the anime version of the Semi-Finals of 

The Cake Grand Prix, she lost 0-180 to Team Francois as she was brokenhearted from hearing Henri say that Francois is his favorite student and that he wanted her to join his coming project, though it was all a show.


Mari has blonde hair which is a tad bit wavy. Her hair is normally down, reaching her waist and a section of her hair is held back. She has dark green colored eyes. Her skin is fairly pale. In episode 08, it was hinted that she resembles the Queen of Sweets when Ichigo mistakes her for the Queen. In the second season, her hair has been cut to shoulder length. She has a strong resemblance to Honey, and is played by the same voice actor.
Mari season 1

Mari in Season 1

Activities & Jobs

Besides being an excellent patissiere, Mari has other activities she participates in. She plays piano very well, as she has been playing since she was young. She is also the high school council president often referred to as "Tennouji-kaichou" by Ichigo and the others in their first meeting. She is also the leader of Team Tennouji. Rui, the vice president and also a team member, is her most trusted teammate. The piano piece she is seen playing in many of the episodes is a classical piece named Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie.

When she was in high school, she worked at Salon de Marie, the school's prestigious cafe and was seen there regularly, even during the Grand Prix's training time. In the Yumeiro Patisserie SP Professional, where she is eighteen, she has cut her hair and is currently living in New York to help Henri with a French styled pastry shop. She has also grown more experienced in handling her own shop as not only the sales have risen, but she has also grown to accept others' opinions and improve herself and her shop through their advice.


Amano Ichigo

Mari takes interest in Ichigo since she was scouted by Henri Lucas himself. She shows hints of jealousy towards her since Henri praises her often. She tells Ichigo to make it to the finals so the two can have their match, saying that she will be waiting for her.

Henri Lucas

Henri is Mari's love interest, at age ten, she met Henri who was still in high school six years ago at one of her father's parties. She ran outside to the balcony after becoming frustrated. She claimed that all she saw was a world of 'monotone' colors. Henri offers her one of his sweets telling her that it will make her happy. Mari reluctantly takes it, and the world seems to have been repainted. Because of Henri, Mari decides to become a patisserie and enrolls in St. Marie Academy where she meets Henri again, this time, as a teacher.

Though it is indicated that she has romantic feelings for Henri, he does not reciprocate them. According to the manga Mari confessed numerous times to Henri, only for him to always turn her down saying that their relationship should remain as student and teacher.


Mari season 1

Mari Tennouji (Season 1)

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Young Mari

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Mari with her trusted teammate, Rui

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Mari during her battle with Team Koshiro