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Makoto Kashino is one of the three male leads in Yumeiro Patissiere. His dream is to become a first class chocolatier like his uncle.

With his good looks and top-notch skills, he is one of the school's "Sweet Princes," specializing in chocolate sweets. He is in Group A of his 8th grade class, and his teammates consist of Ichigo Amano, Satsuki Hanabusa, and childhood friend Sennosuke Andou. His Sweets Spirit is Chocolat, whose name is the same as her specialty.



樫野 真

Kashino Makoto


15 (season 1)

17 (season 2)

Birthday April 24th
Star Sign


Blood Type



160 cm / 5'4"

(season 1)

170 cm/ 5'8"

(season 2)


Team Ichigo

Team Koshiro (ep. 26)

Known Family

Doctor Kashino (father)

Doctor Rei Kashino (mother)

Miyabi Kashino (sister)

Makoto comes from a long line of doctors; his family owns the largest hospital in the town near St. Marie Academy. Every member of his family is a doctor or nurse, and his father--director of the hospital--and mother both severely disapprove of his goal to become a patissier. Because of this, his family gave him one strict condition for his attendance to St. Marie: he must always, without fail, be first in his class. Kashino has never once broken this promise, and remained first in his class even while studying abroad in Paris in season 2. Because of his amazing grades, he was allowed to skip ahead one year at the beginning of the season.

Kashino is unsociable, straightforward, uncompromising, short-tempered and has a picky character; except for Andou,
Devil kashino

Ichigo's initial imagery of Makoto.

he ignored all initial attempts at friendship made by Satsuki Hanabusa and the Sweets Spirits. He was also extremely cold, even somewhat sadistic, to Ichigo Amano from the beginning, though his softer nature did shine through at times. He often reduced her to shouting "You sadist! Devil!" and other similar insults because of his Spartan style of teaching. Even his nice side, in its own way, has thorns.

He takes great care in handling chocolate, as it is his goal to be a first-rate chocolatier. This dream was birthed during the days he spent at his uncle's chocolate shop. This uncle was originally from outside the family, so he was begrudgingly allowed to retain his job as a chocolatier. Makoto spent a lot of time in his shop as a small child, watching him carefully temper the chocolate and turn it into many multi-colored sparkling creations. The admiration created his dream of being a chocolatier like his uncle, which he has fought for ever since. In episode 18, Ichigo places a bet with Makoto's sister, Miyabi Kashino, which prompts her to eat one of his cakes for the first time. The result brings the siblings to an understanding, as Miyabi finally gives her approval of his dream. Ichigo wishes to try the same method with his parents, but Makoto reveals that his parents would try to squash his dream by not even touching anything he made. Unknown to him, Miyabi lies to their mother about the origins of the cake he made for her, and his mother eats it without knowing it was handmade by her son.

He has terrible handwriting but is very good at drawing, and in episode 34 a glimpse of his notebook is revealed, showing part of Ichigo's ponytails. He has terrible sleeping posture, so his hair is always messed up in the morning. He spends 30 minutes in front of the mirror every morning just fixing his hair. We learn from Chocolat that he has a cute little mole on his right butt cheek; the discovery was supposedly an accident, but it's somewhat implied that she was peeking on purpose when he was in the shower.


Amano Ichigo

Even though he is hard on Ichigo, he really cares about her and there are indications throughout the series stating that he has romantic feelings for her. On a number of occasions he has helped her to get better at cooking certain dishes and has shown signs of jealousy over her relationships with other boys often; like when Hanabusa kissed her on the cheek, Rick tried to ask her out, or Johnny attempted to monopolize her and win her as his girlfriend through a competition between Beautiful Night Castle and Le Reve Couleur.


When challenged, Makoto shows a little possessiveness. <3

  At the end of season 1, before Team Ichigo headed back to Japan after their training at France, they have a near-confession; still, they both promise that they won't try to move forward in their relationship until they've reached their dreams. At the end of season 2, with their success in Marie's Garden, Kashino finally bursts out with his feelings only to have their moment somewhat comedically interrupted by Johnny and Miya. It is implied that after season 2, they go to London together to construct a new Marie's Garden location under Henri Lucas's invitation.

In the manga, there is a variation.

Kashino's interest and feelings emerged because of Ichigo's personality. Throughout his life, his interest in women had diminished little by little as many persistent women came after him solely of his looks. Ichigo was very different, and the striking part of her that came to Kashino was the ability to make people smile from her creations. He had told her at the greenhouse during the semis of the Grand Prix,that she shouldn't make something impossible and different, but make a cake that she likes herself, and one that throughly expresses her feelings. He had complimented that her previous cakes for Ringo and Ichita were good, because they had the image of happiness for someone else, and that this time she should make a cake for herself.


During the tough times at Salon de Marie

After Team Ichigo lost to Team Tennouji, he and Ichigo separated, since Ichigo went to work at Salon de Marie and the Sweet Princes went to the high school division to train. However, the next school year revealed Kashino permanently in the high school division instead of returning back to Year 3 in the Middle School division like Hanabusa and Andou. When Ichigo had asked him if he would like to form the team once more for the next grand prix, he replied, "I don't know yet." Ichigo was visibly stunned and hurt, and spent her days deeply thinking about his intentions, for he had told her that he wanted each and everyone to improve themselves separately.

It is also seen in the manga that Vanilla updates Kashino on Ichigo daily by sending texts to Chocolat via their spoons.

The times at Salon de Marie was one of the biggest changes in Kashino and Ichigo's relationship. During the first few days there, Ichigo was bullied by the high schoolers and scolded by the manager, each seeing Ichigo as a stuck up girl who doesn't know her place. Kashino finds her crying and made her some chocolates, shaped like a four-leaf clover. As Ichigo eats the chocolate, she tells him that each petal was the flavor of Team Ichigo, and that, "I thought it was time for us to become individually stronger...but I, I like that[our] team." Full of mixed emotions, she throws herself upon Kashino, who was ready to embrace her back, until Hanabusa and Andou sneaks behind and pricks his hand with a rose thorn, saying that they won't let him "steal a march on us."


The custard trial

After a while, as Ichigo was trying to perfect custard for Salon de Marie, he and the rest of Team Ichigo helped her. Kashino, seeing that she wasn't whisking properly, held her hand and instructed her to whisk all the way to the bottom. The memory helped Ichigo continue making the custard the next day during her trial when she suddenly got tendonitis. After getting a text from Vanilla, he looked for her and help wrap up her wrist, wanting to say something after that, but ended up rejecting his thought and walked away, leaving Ichigo in confusion. Kashino's jealously perks up as Julian, the son of Marie the Queen, enters the academy in search of Ichigo. As he and Julian becomes roommates and also partners in the chocolate section of Salon de Marie, his hostility towards Julian almost caused him to be fired if his behavior does not improve. Seeing the trouble, Ichigo asks Kashino to help make a welcome cake for Julian. Kashino, deeply troubled, rejects and idea and angers as he questions if she is planning on "chasing after that bob-hairstyle bastard", to which Ichigo says she just doesn't want Kashino to be kicked out of Salon de Marie. He blushes deeply and agrees to help out, while Chocolat on the sidelines says to herself, "boys are so simple!"
Cggscans titaniascans yumeiro-patissiere v008 ch027 p033

Making a cake for Julian

The welcome party thrown only worsened the feelings between Kashino and Julian, including the rest of the team who did not like him, even after he was revealed to be the prince of the Sweets Spirits. Julian constantly kisses Ichigo's hand or "flirt" with her in front of Kashino. This negative feeling reaches its heights as the Salon de Marie annual sweets competition opens, and Julian does not participate solely for the purpose of encouraging and advising Ichigo. When Ichigo made a pile of sweets and had Julian tasted it for her, Kashino got extremely angry, to the point when he rejected Ichigo's sweets and declared her as a rival in the competition, and even inviting Sakuragi Ayu, Ichigo's sempai and part of the cream team in Salon de Marie, to taste test each of their sweets in spite of rejecting Ichigo. The night before competition, when he invited Ayu especially to try his cake right in front of Ichigo, she became visibly heartbroken and ran away from the kitchen in tears. Julian later scolds Kashino of being cold and flirting with other girls, to which Kashino shouts,"Who was the one flirting?!" Still concerned, he manages to find Ichigo, who has made her resolve and thought of a cake, not for the competition, but "for Vanilla."

As Ichigo is making her new cake, Julian asks if the reason he deserted Ichigo was because he felt she didn't need him anymore. Kashino says it's because he didn't want her to influence his work, and that he wanted to decide what he was going to do himself. This foreshadows the change that would happen with him and Ichigo later on.

During the sweets competition, the Sweets Kingdom's cabinet minister arrives and takes away the sweets spirits. He joins Ichigo in travelling to the sweets kingdom to save the spirits. Team Ichigo had to compete against the Court Patissieres for Julian's inauguration of Prince. As Ichigo stirs nervousness as she sees the Court Patissieres' crown cake, Kashino held her hand, which gave Ichigo confidence and assurance.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 9.53.17 PM

Sharing their first kiss

After the spirits had been rescued, Team Ichigo returns to find out that the queen had recommended them to enroll in the French branch of St. Marie Academy. The night before departure, Ichigo wakes up restless and decides to visit the practice room one more time, finding Kashino tempering. Seeing each other, they both plan on making a cake for the queen to thank her. As they make the cake, Kashino reminiscing how Ichigo couldn't even crack an egg, but now she can make cakes that are not only delicious, but make people smile and go "ah!". Ichigo replies that she is also grateful to Kashino, who is actually a very kind person who had helped her whenever she had trouble at Salon de Marie, despite being hot tempered and sadistic. She cuts off there as she realizes she was almost going to confess her feelings. As both cakes are finished, Ichigo suggests to stack the two cakes together, making a "perfect" creation, until both had realized that the cake looked just like a wedding cake. Blushing hotly, Ichigo turns away, saying that she always wanted a wedding cake as a patissiere. Kashino then holds her hand and says, "I would make your birthday cake, and wedding cake, even the person you like's cake", to which Ichigo replies,"me too", and the two of them share their very first kiss.

At the end, a timeskip is present, now showing a grown up Kashino and Ichigo (who has grown her hair out long) with their very own shop named "Le Reve Couler" in Paris.

Satsuki Hanabusa

From the start, Satsuki left a terrible impression on Makoto. Their personalities and tastes are polar opposites, and Satsuki's outrageous attitude around women makes for a disastrous introduction to the unsociable and blunt Makoto. Still, they eventually became friends after an incident in the woods. Though they often clash when it comes to certain topics, like love, and Hanabusa's narcissism can even get the best of him, he still sees him as a good friend. According to the Kira Kira CD drama tracks, Hanabusa has a habit of taking rose baths, however, he never cleans up after himself which makes Kashino mad.

Sennosuke Andou

Introductions 101

Satsuki and Makoto's rocky start.

Sennosuke and Makoto are childhood friends and get along very well. He serves as a calm voice of reason for Makoto, who is too short-tempered for his own good; his nurturing nature as an older brother comes out every time Makoto starts picking fights, especially with Satsuki or Ichigo. Before attending one of Makoto's birthday parties, Sennosuke had never eaten an actual western-style cake; in a way, Makoto is the one who introduced him to the dream of combining sweets and wagashi (asian confections) into a completely new creation under his family's shop name, Yumezuki. Sennosuke's nickname for Makoto is "Maa-kun," somewhat of an improvement against his younger brother Ichita's "Mapo-tofu."


Chocolat is Makoto's spirit partner, and shares many of his hot-and-cold personality quirks. At the start, he rejected Chocolat harshly because he believed that dreams were something to fulfill on your own. This was a real shock for Chocolat; still, she followed him into the woods after Caramel and Sennosuke despite her fear of the dark, and gained his respect in the process. Within the season 1 canon, they have a decent relationship; when Kashino is busy she makes sure not to disturb him, and when Chocolat is missing without notice it bothers him and he even makes a chocolate treat for when she comes back. In season 2, their relationship is seen to have grown a little deeper; they fight like equally bad-tempered siblings, with Chocolat often goading him to take further steps to advance or protect his relationship with Ichigo. Some of her affections for Makoto might be amplified because of her love for Kasshi, a spirit who looks just like him and has the same specialty.

Miya Koshiro

Miya has made no secret of her love for Makoto, but Makoto has made no secret about his objection to it, either. Miya has been insistent since Makoto's first year at St. Marie, but her smothering has o
1293665855 2864 full

Miya finds Makoto... aw, darn. ;)

nly put him off, since she's simply a more extreme version of the women that have chased after him all his life. Miya's affection for him is genuine--she originally fell in love with his critical side, after all--but because of her ridiculous pride, self-centered personality and pampered money-gets-anything way of thinking, her displays end up being more of a public disturbance than anything else. On many occasions Miya has coerced, blackmailed, and even kidnapped Makoto, on a few occasions even forcing him into challenges where he would "have to marry her if she won." The one time she said she would give up on him if he lost, she essentially side-stepped the promise by saying she didn't say "for forever."

Henri Lucas

Makoto's impression of Henri has been off from the start; with Ichigo's novice level, he could easily question her recruitment, but even worse she almost completely blows the group's Grand Prix practice off when he comes for a visit (ep. 35). Because Henri is so important to Ichigo as someone who made her remember her dream, it's not hard to mistake her adulation for love, which Vanilla does rather quickly; it effectively made for yet another ill impression on Kashino's part. Despite the ill impressions and jealousy, Makoto does have a good level of respect for Henri, especially after the finals of the Japanese Cake Grand Prix where Henri made the point of telling him that, had he really finished the Eiffel Tower on their presentation, he would have given him higher points than the competition.

Ricardo Benigni

A good match for Satsuki's chivalry and narcissism, Rick taken as a rival by all three of the Sweets Princes from the start, frequently earning glares and a vicious declaration of "Playboy" resounding in all their heads. Makoto doesn't like him in the slightest, seeing as how he's very touchy and affectionate with Ichigo from the start. Even in season 2 Rick's advances towards Ichigo are fought off by a determined Makoto. Keeping him away from Ichigo is also likely to be the only way Makoto and Johnny would ever agree on anything, as declared by the bystanding Chocolat and Maize.


Makoto specializes in chocolate, like his uncle. These are some of the sweets he has made throughout the series. Click the names of the dishes to be redirected to recipes!

Chocolat Chaud, or hot chocolate. Kashino made this in episode 4
Chocolat chaude

Chocolat Chaud

to cheer Ichigo up when she overworked herself on the class project. Chocolat chaud is different from American hot chocolate in that it involved melting straight bars of chocolate, rather than using powdered chocolate where the cocoa butter has been removed.


Opera Cake

Opera Cake is an elaborate french cake made with layers of almond sponge cake, ganache (a type of chocolate), and coffee butter, all soaked in coffee and glazed with chocolate. It's an extremely difficult cake to make, requiring a high level of skill to turn out correctly. Makoto makes this sort of cake at least twice during the series (episodes 04 and 18), likely because it is his sister's favorite. It is the same cake he gave her in order to earn her approval of his goal, at Ichigo's suggestion.

Chocolate Madeleines were featured in episode 11, where the
Chocolate Madeleines

Chocolate Madeleines

Princes each baked madeleines featuring some part of their specialties. Madeleines are a very basic creation; they only special tool required is the pan used to bake them in their signature seashell shape. However, the recipe is easily modified for oomph by adding things like chocolate, almond powder, lemon zest or other highlight ingredients.


White Chocolate Pound Cake

White Chocolate Pound Cake is more complicated than it sounds. The list of ingredients is quite long, but the cake itself is very rich and sweet. This cake was made as part of the Rose Cake in episode 16, a compliment to Ichigo's Peach Pound Cake, Sennosuke's Tea Pound Cake and Satsuki's Rose Pound Cake.

Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake barely got the recognition it deserved
Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake

Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake

in episode 30, but that doesn't mean you should leave it out of the kitchen! This baked cheese cake is rich and semi-sweet, and perfect for those who can't have too many sweets, or need to keep a high-protien diet.

Rum Raisin Gelato

Rum Raisin Gelato

Rum Raisin Gelato
is one of the many flavors of this Italian ice cream. This recipe produced in episode 42 gave Kashino a little trouble, as it was something a little out of his norm, but it was eventually mastered. Gelato is served cold like traditional ice cream, but the difference is in the lower "butter fat" content. Essentially, it's a lighter recipe than factory-made ice cream.

Tarte a l'Orange, or simply "Orange Tart," is a pie filled with ganache,
Tarte a l'Orange

Tarte a l'Orange

a chocolate creme, and covered in oranges. This gorgeous piece was made as a thank-you in episode 43, a team effort between Makoto and Ichigo. Mysteriously, it tasted just how Monsieur Blanc's wife used to make it before she passed away. Please tell me this gives you ideas.  ;)

Bon Bon Chocolat

Bonbon Chocolat

Bonbon Chocolats
are bite-size candy surprises. The term 'bonbon' is used quite liberally to refer to any bite-sized confectionary creation, but in the case of episode 45 the bonbons were made with chocolate as the primary base. The key to bonbons are the surprise centers, which include varying flavors and textures that are given no indication on the outside. They are also decorated quite meticulously, giving a more colorful and exciting approach to their presentation. Using chocolate from different makers and countries will also vary the taste, since even makers in the same country have their own ways of going about things.

Paris-Brest is a ring-shaped cake made with choux batter
Lemon Zest and Yuzu Praline

Makoto's Japanese-style Paris-Brest.

and filled with praline-flavored creme. In episode 49, Makoto incorporated a Japanese taste by using lemon creme and yuzu, which is another citrus fruit indigenous to east asia, and combined it with almond praline. This is an eclair-like treat, so it's very light and filled with slightly sweet creme. No wonder he bagged an overwhelming win!

Trivia Makoto at first shows hatred towards Ichigo, but later becomes nicer, which is considered a tsundere.

His sister Miyabi Kashino appeared in two episodes.

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