Henri Lucas

He is the grandchild of Marie Lucas who started St Marie Academy to nurture aspiring patissiers and patissieres. Due to unknown circumstances, he transferred back to Paris to teach at the main campus before Ichigo started studying at the Japanese campus. He is known as the "Master of Sweets" and the "Master of Dance". Henri is characterised as a calm, collected and handsome gentleman. However, he unleashes his true colours when Mari lost in the Cake Grand Prix. He seems to favour Tennouji and Ichigo among all the students he has taught.

Mari Tennouji

Mari is one of Henri's favourite students. She is the daughter of a hotel owner and the Student Council president of the St Marie Japanese campus. She is often referred to as a 'genius' when it comes to pastry. Though she has received many prizes and rewards for her excellent work, she has stated that all of her medals and trophies are meaningless compared to the attention she wants from Henri Lucas. Her sweets spirit is Honey, who is also well respected like she is.

Miya Koshiro

Known as "Heiress" by other students, Miya is the daughter of the owner of "Chateau Seika". She is very determined to get what she desires, and as such, relies heavily on her family's power and wealth to get what she wants. Miya has a habit of ordering highest quality ingredients in order to get an edge on her competition. She also has an obsessive crush on Kashino. Her sweets spirit is Marron.

Rumi Kato

One of the members of Group C, and Ichigo's best friend/roommate. Rumi speaks in Osaka dialect has has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, Takuya. She constantly sticks up for Ichigo when she is bullied and cheers Ichigo's team on during the Cake Grand Prix. In the second season, Rumi is a part of Group A with Ichigo, Lemon and Johnny.

Lemon Yamigishi

A student from the main St Marie campus in Paris who challenges Team Ichigo early on in the Cake Grand Prix. In the second season, she transfers to Japan and joins the new Team Ichigo to work on Henri's project. She skipped a year for having top grades and is in Group A with Ichigo, Johnny and Rumi. Her sweets spirit is Mint.

Johnny McBeal

He only appears in the second season and joins is one of the members in Group A with Ichigo, Rumi and Lemon although he prefers to work independently. Johnny is a transfer student from America and Miya Koshiro's cousin. When he meets Ichigo, he quickly falls in love with her and becomes jealous of Kashino. His dream is to create a sweet that originates from America. Maize is his sweets spirit.