First School Uniform -  Ichigo's first outfit when she went to an ordinary middle school was a sailor fashion uniform, wearing a white shirt with a blue collar, a red bow and a blue skirt, her socks were navy blue, she wore red shoes and carried a pink shoulder bag. Ichigo's hairstyle was two pigtails done up in pink ribbons.

St. Marie Gakuen/Academy Uniform - Ichigo's new uniform is a orangey-brown jacket with red embroidery and buttons, she also wears the school skirt. Underneath her jacket she wears a beige shirt and a small red ribbon, her socks are white and knee length and she wears orange shoes, her hair is done up in plain ribbons.

St. Marie Gakuen/Academy Chef Uniform - Ichigo wears a large white chef hat, a full sleeved white shirt and a red necktie, she wears simple white trousers and a red apron tied around her waist. In the kitchen she usually wears her hair in buns, but on a Yumeiro Patissiere Poster her hair is done in their usual pigtails as seen below.

Season 2 Look and Outfits- In Yumeiro Patissiere Professional (Season 2) Ichigo is a 16 year old high school student who has just returned from her education in Paris. She looks older, taller and more feminine. Instead of being clad in the Academy's uniform she starts to wear more of her own clothing. One outfit includes a beautiful red knee-length dress and pink ballet pumps which you can see Ichigo wearing below, however sometimes in season 2 she is seen wearing the appropriate chef uniform when cooking. Another difference in Ichigo's style is her new hairstyle- she lets her brown curly hair down instead of wearing it in pigtails, Ichigo's hair also is potrayed to have grown during her education in Paristo back length.