Lemon Yamagishi (山岸レモン Yamagishi Remon?) is a supporting character of Yumeiro Patissiere. She is a 13 year old girl in the first season but in season two (which is two years after) she is 15 years old. Lemon was first seen in the Cake Grand Prix againist team Ichigo, she tricks Ichigo into using kiwis for her dessert when she is unaware that kiwis are supposed to be boiled. Lemon was originally from the French branch of St.Marie Gakuen but moved to Japan where she is in Team A with Ichigo, Johnny and Rumi. Due to her brilliant grades she has skipped her last year of middle school to be a first year student in high school. Lemon seems to admire Ichigo and uses the suffix "sen-pai" for respect. Her sweets spirit is Mint.


Lemon is a beautiful young girl in her early teens. She has quite long sunshine blonde hair which she usually wears down in two pigtails although when cooking her hair is done up in two chinese buns. Lemon has large medium green eyes and a pale complexion.


Lemon appears to be a kind, respectful young girl who looks up to all of her senior team mates, especially Ichigo. She has a dream of opening a fancy cafe for the rich and famous and is currently helping her team mates create a cake shop with a reasonable budget.


Mariya Ise provides her voice in both of the anime's seasons. Her surname Yamagishi means Mountain Beach.

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