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Kurosu Mamoru

Kurosu Mamoru is a minor character in the manga. He is the head kitchen staff of Salon de Marie. His Sweets Spirit is Milk. 


Kurosu has many feminine personality traits, such as blushing when he sees Osamu Mutoh, or how he plays with Milk. When Ichigo first saw him, she thought he was a girl, but he was actually the same grade as the manager of Salon de Marie, Osamu Mutoh, whom he particularily has an interest to. When Ichigo asked him what kind of patissier he wants to be, he replied one that would work with Osamu. Kurosu was one of the very few kind people that did not bully Ichigo when she arrived at Salon de Marie. He also helped Ichigo enter the kitchen in only three months by telling her to perfect custard. He also acknoledges Ichigo's talent and palete. Kurosu is also devoted to Salon de Marie and takes pride in its works.



Milk is Kurosu's Sweets Spirit, whom he treats and pampers dearly. 

Osamu Mutoh

Kurosu is very attached to Osamu, even blushing every time Osamu critics his cakes harshly. However, Osamu Mutoh does not feel the same way towards Kurosu. 

Ichigo Amano

Kurosu is one of the few that acknoledges the talent and hard work of Ichigo and does not bully her. He helps Ichigo enters the kitchen quicker by helping her master custard.