Kanako Koizumi / 小泉かなこ
Personal Information
Name Kanako Koizumi / 小泉かなこ
Age Season One: 14

Season Two: 16

Gender Female
Family Ringo Koizumi (Little Sister)
Professional Status
Occupation Student

Server, Patissiere

Voice Actor Satomi Satou
Anime Episode 02: The Legendary Sweets Spirits?

Kanako Koizumi (小泉かなこ Koizumi Kanako) is a background character that becomes a secondary character throughout the series. She is originally in C Group with Rumi Kato, and in Season Two becomes a server and Patissiere at the Marie's Garden branch of Yumetsuki.


Kanako has shoulder-length medium-brown hair in the first season, with square-cut bangs and the top half of her hair pulled in to pigtails, with light brown eyes. In Season Two, her hair has grown out to hip-length.


Kana is very sweet, cheerful and rather quiet compared to her best friend, Rumi; she's also shown to be a bit of a crybaby. She adores her baby sister. While more weak and unsure of herself in the first season, by Season Two she is able to stand up for herself against her crush Sennosuke Andou when he insists on taking everything on himself.


When she first went to the academy she lived in the dorms alone until her family moved there from Aomori a month prior to the series. She becomes friends with Ichigo Amano when Ichigo does her best to make a cake for Kanako's little sister, Ringo. She can frequently be seen with Rumi, cheering for Team Ichigo from the stands all through the Cake Grand Prix. It is hinted as early as episode 31 that Kana has feelings for Sennosuke Andou, and by season two at some point during the New York arc, she and Andou have started dating properly. Her fond memories of baking apples on top of the iron stove in Aomori became an inspiration for one of the new sweets at Yumetsuki in season two.