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Julie the foreign exchange student

Prince Julian, also under his alias as Julie the foreign exchange student, is the prince and son of the Sweets Kingdom and Marie. He is a supporting character exclusive to the manga.
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Prince Julian of the Sweets Kingdom, son of Marie the Sweets Queen


He first appears in the manga at Chapter 26, appearing as a foreign exchange student with short silver bob hair, which Kashino uses to call him "Silver Haired Kappa" as an insult. According to Ichigo, he also had light purple eyes, and very white skin. He would often wear casual jeans with a hat and t-shirt, or in his school uniform. When transformed back to his true self, his eye color and shape are more similar to the Queen's purple hue, and his hair grows out longer as well. His clothes would also revert back to his princely clothes. He also wear a golden ring on his finger, used for commands on his Sweets Spirit Shanti whenever she goes out of hand. 


Although Julian may seem like a flirt and a pervert (especially to Kashino), he is a very kind person. He is very courteous and usually kisses ladies' hands as a greeting, but also quite careless, when he asked Kashino to wash his back but ended up getting all the water on the floor. He had told Ichigo because of his family issues, he rarely talks to girls and he couldn't play with kids his age a lot. He was usually always alone and didn't have any friends he could open up his hearts to.