Personal Information
Name Honey
Gender Female
Professional Status
Team Team Tennouji
Partner Mari Tennouji

Honey is Mari Tennouji's Sweet Spirit. She is called "Honey-sama" (Lady Honey) by other Sweets Spirits. She specializes in Honey.

Appearance & Personality

Her specialty is honey. She is mature, cool and calm. Even though her expression is always serious, she is very friendly and kind to everyone. She seems to have a slightly shocking and annoyed reaction when The Jerks call her Honey-Pig. She is very well respected among the Sweets Spirits, to the point of being called Honey-sama. Unlike the other Sweets Spirits, like most people would call them, she doesn't seem to be pudgey.

Honey has beautiful, long, wavy blonde hair with the front of her hair parted fairly in two and golden yellow eyes. Her wings are rather triangular unlike the others that are more round. She holds a crown on her head and she wears a brown and yellow striped dress, the bottom ressembling slightly a gown with a white apron. She is seen wearing gloves and her shoes seem to also be yellow. Unlike the others, her wand-like utensil is a bee hive at the end instead of a spoon or a fork. She ressembles her partner Mari Tennouji very much in both appearance and personality.