Henri Lucas is the grandson of the St. Marie Academy's Founder, Marie Lucas. He is a world-class patissier, and the Master that recruited Ichigo Amano, Mari Tennouji, and Francois Adjani.

Henri Lucas
Personal Information
Name Henri Lucas
Age 22
Gender Male
Birth date September 2nd
Professional Status
Occupation Pâtissier
Voice Actor Kishio Daisuke
Manga Recette 1
Anime Episode 1: I will Become a Patissiere!


Henri is characterized as calm, collected, and a handsome gentleman. His true colors emerge most viciously during the Cake Grand Prix, as he has no pity for the struggling and heartbroken Mari. His plot with Francois for the sake of pushing Mari to grow up failed, but proved that he is calculating and very cunning. He shows great interest in Ichigo Amano as a pâtissiere and seems to favor her among all his students, as she displays the most freedom and creativity.


He is the grandchild of Marie Lucas who created St. Marie Academy to train patissiers. St. Marie Academy's Japan Branch is a confectionery school founded 100 years ago. There is a legend at the school, where if you see a Sweets Spirit's form your dream will be granted. While he is only a lecturer at the Japanese branch, he is called a genius. At the start of the series, he had to make a business trip back to the France Branch.


Lucas' first meeting with Ichigo Amano is when Ichigo wanted to know if his confection came from the same place she once received a souvenir, a confection called "Marie Reine." Ichigo later spots his name tag saying he is a lecturer from St. Marie Academy, which leads her to apologize for saying the confection was the same.

Due to unknown circumstances, he transferred to Paris to teach at the main campus right before Ichigo moved to the Japanese St. Marie campus. He is known as a "master of sweets," and a "master of dance.

Lucas then reveals that she is correct and that he is the grandchild of Marie Lucas who made the "Marie Reine." He then proceeds to compliment Ichigo for her incredible palate, being able to tell that from just one bite. Due to that, he gains respect for her and then allows Ichigo the first taste of his new creation.

When Ichigo first tastes the confection she describes it as:

"It's so delicious, what is this, from the soft and sweet milk mousse, and the vivid strawberry sauce overflows and melts on top of my tongue, the two flavors resound, a bittersweet and heartrending feeling remains before disappearing... as if, that's right, it's like a first love". ch1
With that said, Lucas then tells Ichigo that he had "made it with the image of a girl's first love." He then praises Ichigo's palate and sensitivity for his confection. He then invites Ichigo to come to St. Marie Academy because she has talent.

In episode 48 he laid a trap for Mari Tennouji to see if she could keep her heart strong after seeing Henri and Francois together. For Tennouji, who crushed on him for so long, this was a hard blow to her since it was what made her lose at the semi-finals.

Henri wants to do the same thing by training Ichigo like his grandfather did to Ichigo's grandmother. During the Grand Prix,he acts like a bad guy on purpose to show Ichigo that she has the power to become a great patissiere and surpass her grandmother. In season 2 in episode 10, he is cruel to Mari, saying that he should use somebody else to run her shop, but it is only because he wants Mari to become more independant and not follow in his shadow.

Note: The meeting described above is based on the anime, not the manga. You may add a manga section, but do separate them since the plot lines differ.