Estragon introduction
Estragon / エストラゴン
Personal Information
Name Estragon / エストラゴン
Gender Female
Professional Status
Team Paris Main Campus
Partner Clara
Anime Episode 40: Bonjour! Paris

Estragon is the Sweets Spirit partner of Clara from the Paris Main Campus team.

Estragon fullappearance


Estragon seems somewhat tall for a adolescent Sweets Spirit, as she is even taller than Basil. Her clothing, while still Lolita-based, is designed like pirate's garb. Her main colors are fire brick red, black, and cream with gold metal accents. Wears intelligent-looking spectacles.


While not much is known about this spirit— as she has few lines in the anime— one indicator is her manner of self-address. Estragon uses atai, a roughly feminine pronoun used mostly in Kagoshima prefecture. This form of address is not followed by any other verbal markers, so she may be using it on purpose to sound like a badass.