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Yumeiro Patissiere



Original airdate[7]


"I'm Going to Be a Pâtissière!" "Atashi, Patishiēru ni Naru!" (あたし、パティシエールになる!)

October 4, 2009

Ichigo Amano, a middle schooler with no particular talent, meets a pâtissier (Henri Lucas) who realizes that she has an incredible palate one day at a sweets festival. He asks her to transfer to a special school for pâtissiers (male) and pâtissières (female) called "St. Marie Academy".


"The Legendary Sweets Spirits?" "Densetsu no Suītsu Seirei (supirittsu)?" (伝説のスイーツ精霊(スピリッツ)?)

October 11, 2009

Ichigo transfers to St. Marie Academy and is overwhelmed by the school. She encounters three boys (aka Sweets Princes) on the way to class, each one of them is a talented pâtissier. Ichigo is then placed in Group A with them, despite being a beginner.


"The Rose Sweets Prince" "Bara no Suītsu Ōji" (バラのスイーツ王子)

October 18, 2009

Ichigo has a hard time with the extreme course-load at St. Marie and starts to get homesick. She is cheered up by Hanabusa, one of the boys in her group.


"I Hate These Stupid Cakes" "Kēki Nanka Daikirai da!" (ケーキなんか大嫌いだ!)

October 25, 2009

There's a special salon at St. Marie Academy (which is run by the High School student council) called Salon de Marie. Ichigo would give anything to work there, but because she's in middle school, her chances are slim. Andou asks her to come with him to his family's Japanese confectionery to help get her mind off things. There, she finds out that the eldest out of Andou's 4 younger siblings, Ichita, dislikes cake, so she decides to find out why.


"Angel? Devil? Spirit??" "Tenshi? Akuma? Supirittsu??" (天使? 悪魔? 精霊??)

November 1, 2009

Kashino is extremely skilled with chocolate; so with a chocolate test coming up, Ichigo decides to make a chocolate cake that will blow him away.


"Birthday Party at Chirp-Chirp Preschool!" "Piyopiyo Yōchien no Otanjōkai" (ぴよぴよ幼稚園のお誕生会)

November 8, 2009

Ichigo finds all three of the Sweets Princes also have accompanying Sweets Spirits. On a trip to a local preschool, Ichigo notices a little girl named Ringo that seems to be having trouble making friends, and promises her that she will make a cake that will help her to make friends with everyone else in the class.


"Friendship Birthday Cake" "Nakayoshi Tanjōbi (bāsudē) Kēki" (仲良し誕生日(バースデー)ケーキ)

November 15, 2009

Group B stole the cake Ichigo designed in order to embarrass her because she is with the Sweets Princes. With little time to spare, Group A must design a new cake to be presented to Ringo for her birthday.


"The Genius, the Archrival, and the Natural?" "Tensai to Tenteki to Tennen?" (天才と天敵と天然?)

November 22, 2009

Ichigo's roommate and friend, Rumi, goes home and leaves her alone. Group B invited her to gather walnuts and she is intentionally misled by them. Fortunately, the High School student council president, Mari Tennouji, rescues Ichigo. Later, Ichigo learns about the Cake Grand Prix, a competition held at St. Marie where winners get to go to Paris to study. Ichigo and the rest of Group A decide to team up for the competition, but a girl named Miya (known as the Heiress) shows up and claims that she will be the one to work with Group A, leading a showdown between her and Ichigo.


"The Fated Pudding Showdown!!" "Unmei no Purin Taiketsu!!" (運命のプリン対決!!)

November 29, 2009

Ichigo, with the help of Caramel and Vanilla, stays up all night the night before her showdown with the Heiress to practice making pudding. She ends up winning due to a few factors, and finds out that Mari Tennouji also has a Sweets Spirit named Honey. Group A is upset at Ichigo's attitude towards her win, and when Vanilla tries to explain, Ichigo doesn't listen. Vanilla gets upset as well and claims that she will no longer be her partner.


"Strawberry Tart of Memories" "Omoide no Ichigo Taruto" (思いでのイチゴタルト)

December 6, 2009

Upset that she made her friends mad, Ichigo runs back home without telling anyone. Her family greets her happily, not having known that she ran away because she told them that she was on an early Winter break. But, Ichigo quickly tells them the truth after her mom hangs up the phone and tells them her plans to transfer from St. Marie. The next day, Ichigo and her family visit her deceased grandmother's pastry shop, now run by her uncle. Ichigo and her sister help their uncle make sweets. After discovering that Vanilla followed her and remembering the happiness her grandmother's sweets brought her, Ichigo decides to go back to St. Marie. Her uncle gives her her grandmother's recipe notebook and she heads back to school, where she finds the Sweets Princes waiting for her to apologize for what they said to her.


"The Prince's Friendship Madeleines" "Ōji-tachi no Yūjō Madorēnu" (王子達の友情マドレーヌ)

December 13, 2009

The Sweets Princes tells Ichigo about how they first met, got their Sweets Spirits, and became friends over each other's madeleines.


"The Seven Year Merry Christmas" "Shichi-nenme no Merī Kurisumasu" (七年目のメリークリスマス)

December 20, 2009

At St. Marie's annual Christmas cake charity event, Ichigo encounters a customer who seems very depressed. When she and her group hear his story about his lost love seven years prior, they decide to help him have a Merry Christmas.


"Happy Sweets Dream" "Happī Suītsu Dorīmu" (ハッピー・スイーツ・ドリーム)

December 27, 2009

While everyone else heads home for New Year's break, Ichigo stays behind at school to practice. When Vanilla asks her to visit the Sweets Kingdom, she agrees eagerly. While Vanilla and the rest of the court Sweets Spirits prepare for their annual New Year's Festival, Ichigo encounters a group of bandits who are known as "The Jerks".


"The Cake Grand Prix Begins!" "Kaimaku! Kēki Guran Puri" (開幕!ケーキグランプリ)

January 10, 2010

The Sweets Princes give Ichigo a crash course to help her through the preliminary section of the Cake Grand Prix. Due to the fact that too many middle school teams entered this year, they find out at the beginning of the exam that there is a new individual section. If Ichigo fails, the whole of Group A will fail.


"Rose Water of Memories" "Omoide no Rōzu Wōtā" (想い出のローズウォーター)

January 17, 2010

In the first round of the Cake Grand Prix, Group A is up against a group of third-year boys and a girl who have their sweets featured in Salon de Marie. Ichigo, Kashino, and Andou are easily able to come up with their pound cakes. But Hanabusa can't seem to get his rose water pound cake to come out the way he wants it too. He then gets frustrated and runs away, but Ichigo follows him. He explains to her (because she's a girl) that the rose water was a gift from his deceased father and how important it was to him.


"Sweet Rose Memory" "Suīto Rōzu Memorī" (スイートローズメモリー)

January 24, 2010

Hanabusa decides to abandon his rose water pound cake, and angrily throws the bottle into a pond. But Ichigo jumps in after it. After noticing that the pond water left a smell on Ichigo and Kashino (who jumped in after her), Hanabusa has an idea for his cake. When he had his cake to be like the way he wanted it to be, Ichigo suggests that the group should change their pound cake recipes and has to stay up all night to perfect their four cakes. The next day at the Cake Grand Prix match, they show the audience that they had to change the recipes so that they would match Hanabusa's rose water cake (well, most parts of the explanation appeared in sort of a flash back). Because they made cakes that all accented one another instead of overpowering each other, Team Ichigo wins the match.


"Pâtissière Showdown" "Patishiēru Taiketsu" (パティシエール対決)

January 31, 2010

One of Ichigo's classmates, Hayami, mentions that Ichigo doesn't deserve to be in the same group at the Sweets Princes due to her lack of skills. However, Hayami and the rest of Group F continually slack off in class and she, however, seemingly doesn't care about sweets. Ichigo has a feeling that something isn't quite right and found out that Hayami was originally in Group C (but dropped to Group F after her sickness and fever during the final exam). Even worse, Hayami is currently planning to transfer out of St. Marie.


"The Bitter Circumstance of the Kashino Household" "Kashino ke no Bitā na Jijō" (樫野家のビターな事情)

February 7, 2010

Ichigo falls down the stairs and is taken to the local hospital by the Sweets Princes. Kashino doesn't seem to want to go into the building. Ichigo notices that all the doctors are named Kashino at the hospital and the group finds out that Kashino's family owns the hospital. Kashino's sister shows up and has him kidnapped. Ichigo, Andou, Hanabusa and the Sweets Spirits finds out and follows him.


"Happy Valentine" "Happī Barentain" (ハッピー・バレンタイン)

February 14, 2010

Ichigo goes shopping with Rumi for Valentine's chocolate when they run into the Heiress, and challenged Ichigo to a chocolate-making duel that is to be held on Valentine's Day at the party sponsored by the Heiress's father. At the party, they end up having a tie and Ichigo danced with the Sweets Princes.


"A Powerful Foe!? The Transfer Student from Paris" "Kyōteki!? Pari Karano Tenkōsei" (強敵!?パリからの転校生)

February 21, 2010

Team Ichigo is up against the only first year group in the quarterfinals of the middle school round of the Cake Grand Prix, whose leader, Lemon, is a transfer student from the original campus in Paris.


"Friendship Maccha Gâteau Chocolat!" "Yūjō no Maccha Gatō Shokora" (友情の抹茶ガトーショコラ)

February 28, 2010

The rematch for Team Ichigo and Lemon's quarterfinal match is scheduled and the theme of "friendship" is chosen, but Andoh ran away. Ichigo, Kashino, and Hanabusa follow him home to make him change his mind about quitting St. Marie.


"The Promised Perfect Sweets" "Yakusoku no Zeppin Suītsu" (約束の絶品スイーツ)

March 7, 2010

Vanilla knocks over Ichigo's alarm clock, causing her to oversleep. When she trips down the stairs, the dorm mistress gives her some baumkuchen she made as Ichigo skipped breakfast. When she sees the dorm mistress arguing with her husband (who is also the head of the boys' dorm), she decides to meddle.


"Strawberry Illusion?" "Ichigo Iryūjon?" (いちご・イリュージョン?)

March 14, 2010

A circus group from France is coming to perform near Andou's home, and Ichita wants to go see it. Ichigo, Ichita and the gang go to see the circus' performance, where Ichita spots a blonde girl performing. After the show, Ichigo and Ichita get separated from the group and meets the blonde girl Ichita previously spotted (whose name is Ameli). Ichita gives Amelie some cookies, and she invites them to her mobile home in repayment for the delicious cookies. When they arrived at their mobile house, Ameli's mother offered them to eat curry and some spinach salad. Ameli doesn't like the carrots in the curry while Ichita hates the spinach in the salad. Ichigo makes a dessert, containing both spinach and carrot which neither Ichita nor Ameli enjoyed it. Back at the academy, Ichigo works hard to make a spinach and carrot cake but can't get it right without Andou's help. They let Ichita taste it and after he approves, they rush to get it to Ameli, who is moving with the circus.


"The Chocolate Cake of Love Battle!" "Ai no Choko Kēki Taiketsu!" (愛のチョコケーキ対決!)

March 21, 2010

Teams participating in the semi-finals of the Cake Grand Prix are required to make a chocolate cake using the theme of "love". Team Ichigo is up against the Heiress's team (Team Koshiro). They bet that if Team Ichigo loses, Kashino has to join their team. The usual, confident chocolatier, Kashino, dislikes the theme and leaves the deciding of the type of cake to make and design of the cake to his fellow teammates. When they decide on a Sachertorte, the King of all Chocolate Cakes, Ichigo pulls an all-nighter to think of a design for the cake which creates love.


"Farewell Kashino" "Sayonara Kashino" (さよなら樫野)

March 28, 2010

Team Ichigo and Team Koshiro go against each other in the Semi-Finals and Team Ichigo is confident because the battle is based on chocolate. They are about to start when Ichigo finds out that she showed her design to the opposing team and they are using a similar design! They do not have enough time to change the design of the cake, so the cake looks like Team Koshiro's cake. The judges know that one team has cheated by the talk they are having during the competition. Although they know this, they do not know whose design it really was or who stole the design. The two teams battle it out to see who wins. But what's really on the line is to see if Team Ichigo gets to keep Kashino.


"Nightmare of the Heiress Empire!" "Ojō Teikoku no Akumu!" (オジョー帝国の悪夢!)

April 4, 2010

Team Ichigo has lost to Team Koshiro and Kashino now must join Team Koshiro. Kashino is participating in Team Koshiro's practicals without reluctance but Hanabusa and Andoh believe that he will return, leaving a hesitant Ichigo with no choice but to continue practicing for their next match in the Grand Prix's third place round. Will Kashino return to Team Ichigo like their beliefs?


"Surprise Sweets" "Sapuraizu Suītsu" (サプライズスイーツ)

April 11, 2010

An examiner arrives from the Sweets Kingdom and tells Vanilla, Chocolat, Caramel and Cafe that they have not sent enough Sweets Cards to the Queen. Therefore, they must take a supplementary exam. The examiner told them they are not allowed to return to the human world unless they pass. Meanwhile, Chocolat feels lonely when she sees that the other spirits being very close to their partners and leaves for the Sweets Kingdom without telling Kashino.


"Ichigo, Natsume, and the Princes" "Ichigo to Natsume to Ōjisama" (イチゴとなつめと王子さま)

April 18, 2010

Team Ichigo decides to split up to train individually for the weekend. Ichigo decides to go to her uncle's shop, but finds that it's closed, so heads home for the weekend. She finds her parents upset over the fact that Natsume is thinking of quitting piano. Ichigo tries to cheer her up with the same strawberry tart that her grandmother made for her when she was younger. The Sweets Princes show up after their plans all fall through and make a special cake for Natsume as well.


"The Mille Crêpe of Bonds" "Kizuna no Miru Kurēpu" (絆のミルクレープ)

April 25, 2010

The third place competition theme has been announced that it is "bonds." After Team Ichigo is caught slacking in class, their teacher, Ameya-sensei, suggests them not to think about the competition until the day off. She makes the whole class do the most basic lessons until the day of the competition, making Team Ichigo wonder if there's a point.


"Miracle Cheesecake" "Mirakuru Chīzukēki" (ミラクルチーズケーキ)

May 2, 2010

Team Ichigo goes to a ranch to study on the ingredients that were used to make a cheesecake. At the same time, Caramel is having trouble writing a report to the Sweets Kingdom. While playing with the farm animals, Caramel is chased by a calf and gets lost. The Vanilla, Chocolat and Café chase after Caramel.


"The Princes and The Heiress" "Hime to Ojō" (姫とオジョー)

May 9, 2010

The theme for the first round of the main tournament of the Cake Grand Prix is "elegance" and Team Ichigo is up against Team Tachibana, a group of girls known as the "Country Girls" for only using organic and non-artificial ingredients. Team Ichigo decides to base their cake on the Heian period because it was an era which exemplifies the idea of elegance and win because Team Tachibana's creation falls apart.


"Tropical Paradise" "Toropikaru Paradaisu!" (トロピカル・パラダイス!)

May 16, 2010

Team Ichigo goes to a local sweets festa to research for the next round of the Cake Grand Prix. Ichigo runs off looking at all the sweets and the boys are left to chase after her. While waiting with Kashino, Ichigo meets a girl named Natsuki, who offers to take them to one of the local shops. The shop serves fresh fruit sweets, which later turns out to the be the theme for the Grand Prix. Team Ichigo is up against Team Natsuki, the same girls who served them fruit at the sweets festa.


"Strawberry Panic!" "Sutoroberī Panikku!" (ストロベリー・パニック!)

May 23, 2010

Ichigo is worried after trying Team Natsuki's sweets. Kashino tells her to calm down and just make sweets that make people happy, because that's what she's good at. Ichigo, Kashino, Vanilla, and Chocolat are walking around the school's fruit garden and come upon white strawberries, which gives Ichigo an idea that allows them to beat Team Natsuki to go to the finals by a point.


"The Strongest Pair in History!" "Shijō Saikyō no Konbi!" (史上最強のコンビ!)

May 30, 2010

Marron comes from the Sweets Kingdom to find a partner. Vanilla, Cafe, Caramel, and Chocolat show her to the Heiress's classroom as they think Marron and Miya are similar, but Marron doesn't like what she sees, so she tries to force the Sweets Princes into the job, but they all refuse. Marron sees Tennoji and almost asks her, but she sees Tennoji already has Honey. When Marron almost leaves to Paris from the cooking room oven, Miya barges in all of a sudden. Marron becomes interested in her and they become partners.


"Welcome, Henri-sensei!" "Yōkoso, Henri-sensei" (ようこそ、アンリ先生)

June 6, 2010

Ichigo is surprised to hear that Henri-sensei coming back. She gets excited and loses concentration in class and cancels practice troubling the Sweets Princes. She decides to bake the cake 'First love' from when she met Henri-sensei, but loses enthusiasm as she finds Mari Tennouji happily sharing her latest cake with him. Henri-sensei later reveals that he is one of the judges for the final round of the Cake Grand Prix.


"Night Before The Finals!" "Kessen Zenya!" (決戦前夜!)

June 13, 2010

Team Ichigo is told that the theme for the finals won't be revealed until the actual day, so they begin training using high school textbooks to combat Team Tennouji's high level cakes. After being told by Tennouji that she'll never catch up to her in the time she has before the finals, Ichigo tries to figure out what she means by that. After a conversation with Natsume, Ichigo decides to train herself in the basics as she lacks experience with them. Team Ichigo's sweets spirits decide to bake sweets to cheer up their partners.


"Unwavering Feelings" "Yuzurenai Omoi" (ゆずれない想い)

June 20, 2010

The theme for the finals is "Dream" and each team has a day to come up something before making the actual piece on the 2nd day. Team Ichigo initially has trouble deciding what to make, but soon come up with an idea. While Ichigo is thinking up what to put in her Petite Gateaux, she runs into Tennouji. After hearing Ichigo's story about her first meeting with Henri-sensei and about her Grandmother, Tennouji reveals her past and her relationship with Henri-sensei and makes her battle declaration.


"The Closed Path" "Tozasareta Michi" (閉ざされた道)

June 27, 2010

The final showdown of the grand prix has come. As usual, Team Tenouji are amazing but Team Ichigo has trouble. Kashino is responsible for the toughest job on the team and passes out. Team Tennouji ends up winning the Grand Prix by one point, but Henri-sensei announces that because Team Ichigo did so well, they are also being invited to go to Paris for the World Grand Prix.


"The Vanished Recipe" "Kieta Reshipi" (消えたレシピ)

July 4, 2010

Team Ichigo returns to their homes in order to prepare for the World Cake Grand Prix in Paris. However, Kashino's family who is against him becoming a patissier refuse to sign the form. Meanwhile, Ichigo is also having trouble with her dad who is being stubborn about her not going to Paris. The old dirty spoon that Ichigo was given to when she went to the Sweets Kingdom shines. Ichigo and Vanilla uses it to unlock her grandma's notebook. Ichigo's grandma's recipes can finally be read. Ichigo looks through her grandma's notebook but her strawberry tart recipe has been completely erased. Just what is that old spoon? Could it be that Ichigo's grandma also had a sweets spirit?


"Bonjour, Paris" "Bonjūru! Pari" (ボンジュール!パリ)

July 11, 2010

While touring around Paris, Ichigo gets lost on the subway and meets Ricardo, an international student from Italy and also a representative of the team from the main branch. When she meets up with Kashino and the others, the Sweets Princes got envious as Ricardo flirts with her. At the Cake Grand Prix welcoming party, Team Ichigo meets up with Lemon who is a member of Ricardo's Team. Also, The sweets spirits have to do an obstacle course in order to determine the drawings for the matches. The Heiress returns and the results of the drawing is Team Ichigo vs Team Ricardo.


"The Fourth Sweets Prince?" "Yō-nin-me no Suītsu Ōji?" (4人目のスイーツ王子?)

July 18, 2010

The judges have announced the theme for the next match, which is "food wagon", but Team Ichigo's oven breaks down leaving them in a big pinch. But having heard the explosion, the landlady gives them a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and tells the story about her gelato shop she shut down three years ago. Furthermore, while preparing for the match, Team Ichigo decides to make gelato for the competition and meets Ricardo in town. While the 3 Sweets Princes continue to give Ricardo that jealous look, he announces that Ichigo will become his girlfriend if his team wins the match.


"Gelato of Happiness" "Shiawase no Gelato" (幸せのジェラート)

July 25, 2010

Team Ichigo takes their ideas to their landlady's gelato shop, where they practice making gelato. However, the landlady tells them that if they don't come up with a unique flavor for their gelato they will never win the competition. They brainstorm and come up with a sakura salt flavor. They manage to create 4 flavors: Kashino, who made rum raisin, Andoh who made pistachio, Hanabusa who made peach, and sakura sea salt they three succeed into making with some of Ichigo's ideas. On the day of the competition, Team Ichigo manages to beat Team Ricardo's doughnuts by one point. And with that, Teams Tennouji, Ichigo, Koshiro, and François advance onto the semi-finals.


"Underneath the Orange Tree" "Oranjyu no Ki no Shita de" (オランジュの木の下で)

August 1, 2010

Team Ichigo decided to split into two groups and go to separate pâtisserie to do some practical training. Ichigo and Kashino goes to a small three-star pâtisserie owned by someone named Mr Blanc, despite his scary-looking face, his sweets are top-class, while Hanabusa and Andoh goes to a four-star hotel which have a three-star pâtisserie in it. Hanabusa and Andoh got into the kitchen quickly to make some sweets, but Ichigo and Kashino have to do menial tasks such as wiping the windows, gather the ingredients, etc. After witnessing Ichigo dancing under the orange tree, Monsieur Blanc invites them to the kitchen, only to have them wash dishes. In Pâtisserie Blanc's backyard, despite the existence of an orange tree, there are no sweets that use oranges on the menu which makes Ichigo worried. Ichigo and Kashino decide to make tarte à l'orange to show their gratitude to Monsieur Blanc in the last day of training. When he tastes it, he's surprised; for that à l'orange tastes like the one his late wife made. He begins to make orange sweets in his pâtisserie again.


"Chocolate Princess" "Chocoretto Purinsesu" (チョコレート・プリンセス)

August 8, 2010

Team Ichigo and Team Koshiro are invited to a ball on Mont Saint-Michel by an anonymous letter which has the St. Marie Academy emblem on it. Henri's secretary appears and ushers them to the ballroom in the Saint-Michel castle. It turns out that the castle is the venue for the semi-finals, the theme of which is a dress made of chocolate. Team Ichigo decides to make a dress by basing the design with the fairy tale Cinderella. Kashino, Hanabusa and Andoh decide to make Ichigo the model, as they did not have the time to choose another. The match ends with a tie, meaning there will be another match. The ball starts and Ichigo is taken out by Henri-sensei, who states that he was afraid that the dress and Ichigo would be crushed. Ichigo dances with Henri-sensei, making the Sweets Princes jealous.


"Bon Bon Chocolat de Tour" "Bon Bon Chokora de Tsuā" (ボンボンショコラ・デ・ツアー)

August 15, 2010

Team Ichigo and Team Koshiro was led around Europe by Henri-sensei's secretary. By the time they got to the last destination in Germany, Henri-sensei announced that the rematch semi-finals would be held in the Swan Castle. Heiress claimed that if her team won, Kashino will have to marry her on the spot. Team Ichigo decided to use Ichigo's ideas from their tour around Europe and the chocolates bought by Kashino during their tour from various countries. Team Ichigo won and advances to the finals because Team Koshiro only used ingredients from Chateau Seika while Team Ichigo used ingredients from their tour around Europe.


"Grandma's Recipe" "Obaachan no Reshipi" (お婆ちゃんのレシピ)

August 22, 2010

Back in Paris to prepare for the finals, Ichigo finds some scrumptious strawberries in the market, and wishes she had her grandma's recipe for the strawberry tart that had vanished from her recipe book. Meanwhile Kashino finds another vanished recipe in a book he checked out from the library. In this book, the Spirits discover traces of magic dust used by Sweets Spirits where the recipe was! Ichigo decides to head to the Sweets Kingdom to search for the old woman Spirit who gave her the spoon, because she thinks she might have been her grandma's spirit and knows where the recipe could be!


"The Paris Found in the Backyard" "Uraniwa de Mitsuketa Pari" (裏庭で見つけたパリ)

September 5, 2010

Ichigo begins intensive training in order to create her own original Strawberry Tart recipe, but is having trouble with it. When Kashino has a taste, he points out that the problem is with the strawberries and she realizes that she needs special strawberries with a unique taste like the ones her grandmother used. However, the strawberries aren't available anymore, so Ichigo decides to use Heiress's help to look for them. After traveling back to Japan using the Sweets Kingdom toy train, Ichigo samples the Heiress's top-quality strawberries, but still can't find one to suit her tart. She goes back to her grandmother's garden and finds the special patch of soil her grandmother uses. After finding a few of her grandmother's strawberries, Marron tells her that her grandmother's strawberries were called fraises de bois, and the soil that her grandmother used was from the Sweets Kingdom. Ichigo returns back home to the Sweets Princes, and later the Chairman calls Kashino to inform them that Team Tennouji lost the semi-finals in the World Cake Grand Prix.


"It Can't Be, Henri-sensei!" "Uso Desho! Henri-sensei" (ウソでしょ!アンリ先生)

September 12, 2010

Team Tennouji lost in the semi-finals. With that shocking revelation, Team Ichigo is left wondering what to make of it. And watching the DVD of the match recorded by Chateau Seika at Team François' request, leaves them even more perplexed after seeing Mari giving a completely sloppy performance. Worried and confused, Ichigo, along with Heiress ran off to speak to her. Meanwhile the rest of Team Ichigo started to research their new rivals; Team François, by asking Lemon from Team Ricardo about them. While Lemon tells the Sweets Princes about Team François's superior skills, Mari reveals what happened before semi-finals. Henri-sensei appears and reveals his true colors while sneering at Mari for her feelings towards him. Henri states that romance is not necessary in accomplishing as a top patissiere, even going as far to look down on Ichigo's skills for the first time. Ichigo declares to Henri-sensei that they will beat Team François. Ichigo goes back to Paris and starts to practice for the finals with her team.


"The Finals at The Palace of Versailles" "Kessen! Berusaiyu Kyuuden" (決戦!ベルサイユ宮殿)

September 19, 2010

The finals of the World Cake Grand Prix has finally came and Team Ichigo and François clash in a three hour team battle with two subjects and themes; an entremet made of chocolate and plated desserts which combines hot and cold sensation. Finally, the match turns out to be a tie. The judges decides to make another match at the same day using batter as the subject and this time it will be an individual match. Andou clashes with Katie, Hanabusa matches against Isabella, Kashino battles against Dominique and the team leaders battles each other.


"Dream Strawberry Tart" "Yume no Ichigo Tarto" (夢のいちごタルト)

September 26, 2010

The battle of batters ends with yet another tie, so another rematch is decided upon. Each team has to choose one representative. Ichigo, despite her protests, is chosen as the representative of Team Ichigo while François is chosen as the representative for her team. François made her specialty, Dijonaise au Chocolate as expected. Through Ichigo's strawberry tart; which Vanilla named as Sourire de l'Ange, Angels' Smiles. Team Ichigo attained victory. Ichigo now knows that Henri-sensei is playing the bad guy part to push her determination in order to surpass her grandma's tart. Before they return to Japan, Kashino and Ichigo say that they won't tell each other about their feelings since they have so much to learn (while they affectionately hold hands).

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional



Original airdate[8]


"Team Ichigo Breaks Up!" "Kaisan! Chīmu Ichigo" (解散!チームいちご)

October 3, 2010[9]

Ichigo's two years of studying abroad in Paris are over and she returns to Japan. But when she gets to school, none of the members of Team Ichigo seems to be around. It turns out that Hanabusa and Andoh are taking leaves of absence from school to pursue their own dreams. Kashino reveals that because he had the best grades in the Paris Campus throughout his whole studies there, he was allowed to skipped a grade and become a second year in the same class as the Heiress. Lemon, who has transferred from Paris to Japan, was also allowed to skip a grade and is now in Group A with Ichigo, Rumi, and another member. Later, while in the Salon de Marie, Ichigo meets Johnny McBeal, the final member of A group. While praying to the Queen Sweets Spirit statue, Ichigo meets Mari who reveals that she is living in New York working on Henri's new "project". Ichigo receives a letter from Henri-sensei, telling her to meet him at a location to discuss something. When she goes to the meeting place, she finds that Johnny, Kashino, and Lemon all got the same letter. Henri tells them he wants them to run sweets shops on the main street of his new project, "Marie's Garden" named after his grandmother.


"Johnny and Maize!" "Jonī to Meizu" (ジョニーとメイズ)

October 10, 2010

Before Ichigo and company can start to work, Johnny's Sweets Spirit Maize freaks out on them because of etiquette. Kashino, Lemon, and Ichigo also find out that Koshiro-san and Johnny are cousins. Henri-sensei announces that the first shops on street one are going to open within the week and the owners are from different countries allowing different types of sweets to surface. To their surprise, the Japanese sweet shop is run by Andoh with Kana and her friends as waitresses. The shops will be ranked on popularity and sales; the least well-received shop will be closed and a new shop will replace it and the cycle continues. The four of them decide to host a contest to decide on the group leader.


"New Team Ichigo?" "Shin Chīmu Ichigo?" (新チームいちご?)

October 17, 2010

Everybody's getting ready for the opening. In the end the sales are going bad. Kashino still doesn't understand that Johnny might steal Ichigo away from him. However, the shop are running out of funds which means the shop might go bankrupt before it even opens. Lemon and Johnny wanted to get funds from Miya but Kashino disagreed. Ichigo scolded them for being split up when they are opening a shop together. When they went to Andoh's shop to visit, he does not have much customers. Manager Sully turns up and told Andoh that he might have to close down the shop if he doesn't get enough sales.


"Chance Loss and Disposal Loss!" "Chansu Rosu to Haiki Rosu" (チャンスロスと廃棄ロス)

October 24, 2010

Andoh's shop is on the verge of closing down. Shocked and worried, he catches a fever which makes Caramel very worried about him. He then collapses, and when he wakes up he finds all his friends and his grandfather come to visit him. Johnny, Kashino, and his grandfather scold him and point out his mistakes for pushing himself to hard and try to so everything alone. Caramel also gives out her advice to Andoh that he has to rely on other people more. Hanabusa turns up for a visit.


"The Spirits Expedition to the Unexplored!" "Supirittsu de Hikyō Tanken!" (スピリッツで秘境探険!)

October 31, 2010

The Sweets Spirits get a letter from Andy back in the Sweets Kingdom asking for their help with a project. The Sweets Spirit and the new Team Ichigo head to the Sweets Kingdom for a break and to help the Jerks.


"Lost In the Baum Forest" "Baumu no Mori de Mayotte" (バウムの森で迷って )

November 7, 2010

Ichigo and her friends plan to go to all the remaining places in one day. They pass easily through the Powder Desert and the Milky Lake, but when they reach the Baum Forest, they find themselves in a mystery. Someone has been leaving garbage in the forest and the Master of the Forest believes that Kasshi and the Jerks have done it, leaving them in a cell. Now, Ichigo and the gang have to think up of a way to save her friends and find the culprit before the Jerks have to take the exam.


"The Treasure Found On The Journey" "Tabi de Kitsu keta Takaramono" (旅で見つけた宝物)

November 14, 2010

The Egg Home turns out to be more than expected and everyone in the groups learns a lesson. The Jerks make their sweets for their exam and hope for the best.


"Lonely Heart" "Ronrī Hāto" (ロンリー・ハート)

November 21, 2010

Ichigo and the others are called by Henri-sensei to go to New York to help Mari with her shop, as her business is doing poorly. When they arrive they end up meeting Rick and he tells them the problem, but before they can help Mari suggests that they go sightseeing.


"Step Up" "Suteppu Appu" (ステップ・アップ)

November 28, 2010

Ichigo and her friends, on their visit to New York, try to help Mari with Pâtisserie La Liberté's business. In the end of the episode, Henri-sensei calls and said if they didn't pass a specific goal, Mari cannot keep the shop. Hanabusa comes to the shop.


"My Sweet Home" "Mai Suīto Hōmu" (マイ・スイート・ホーム)

December 5, 2010

Pâtisserie La Liberté's business has increased after they made the coupon plan. Hanabusa thought that they should change the concept of the store and Ichigo and her friends ask Mari to take a day-off. In the end of the episode, Henri-sensei called and said they have passed their goal.


"Stormy Night" "Arashi no Yoru" (嵐の夜)

December 12, 2010

As Ichigo and her team return from New York and about to set up their shop, Miya and Johnny challenged Ichigo, Kashino and Lemon. If they lose, Kashino must marry Miya and Ichigo will have to date Johnny until they get married. Hanabusa and Andou help them to set up their shop and create some new sweets. Also Andou and Hanabusa points out Kashino's love toward Ichigo.


"Chilly Night" "Tsumetai Yoru" (冷たい夜)

December 19, 2010

Ichigo and her team (with the help of Hanabusa and Andou) open up their shop while Miya and Johnny's shop called "Beautiful Night Castle" becomes a big hit. Will Ichigo and her gang be able to beat Miya's and Johnny's shop?


"Holy Night" "Hijiri Naru Yoru" (聖なる夜)

December 26, 2010

Thanks to the help from their friends, Ichigo and the others are slowly catching up to Oujou and Johnny despite the overwhelming difference of sales. A message is sent by Honey-sama and once again Kashino's love for Ichigo is on the spotlight. On Christmas Eve, the battle will be decided by Christmas Cake. The battle results in a tie but Johnny admits that they did not actually win. Walking along the frozen pond, a confession occurs.... but Miya and Johnny choose to interfere with this perfect moment. Then Miya and Johnny push Ichigo and Kashino in the bushes which causes them to fall onto each other, kissing. After that, Ichigo received a call from Henri-sensei, saying that he's opening a Marie's Garden in London. Ichigo and Kashino decides to go and the episode ends with Miya and Johnny chasing Kashino and Ichigo who are running and holding each others hands.