Chocolat 5043
Personal Information
Name Chocolat
Professional Status
Team Team Ichigo
Partner Kashino Makoto
Voice Actor Yamaoka, Yuri
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2

Chocolat is Makoto Kashino's Sweet Spirits. She, along with Vanilla, Caramel and Cafe, are aiming to become a Court Patissiere/ Patissier. She is skilled with chocolate. Chocolat has a competitive spirit, but is easily frightened. Chocolat is a classic example of tsundere character, who shares various traits with Kashino, and they are very much alike. She is the first Spirit we meet other than Vanilla. Chocolat has long-brown, straight hair, and wears a brown and red maid dress. She, and Marron, are the only Sweet Spirits to have a fork, instead of a spoon. It also seems that she has a crush on Kasshi, a sweets spirit that shows a similar appearance and behavior to Kashino.


Back in the Sweets Kingdom, she did not get along well with Vanilla because they are always together due to both of them having been born on the exact same day and time and were always seated together in school, according to the drama tracks on the Kira Kira Soundtrack.


The first appearance of Chocolat is when Ichigo becomes overjoyed that Kashino complimented her.