Yumeiro Patissiere Episodes

Episode 1: "I'm Going to Be a Patissiere!"

Episode 51: "Team Ichigo Breaks up"
Episode 2: "The Legendary Sweets Spirits?" Episode 52: "Johnny and Maize"
Episode 3: "The Rose Sweets Prince" Episode 53: "New Team Ichigo?"
Episode 4: "I Hate These Stupid Cakes" Episode 54: "Chance Loss and Disposal Loss"
Episode 5: "Angel? Devil? Spirit??"
Episode 6: "Birthday Party at Chirp-Chirp Preschool!"
Episode 7: "Friendship Birthday Cake"
Episode 8: "The Genius, the Archrival, and the Natural?"
Episode 9: "The Fated Pudding Showdown!"
Episode 10: "Strawberry Tart of Memories"
Episode 11: "The Prince's Friendship Madelines"
Episode 12: "The Seven Year Merry Christmas"
Episode 13: "Happy Sweets Dream"

Episode 14: "The Cake Grand Prix Begins!

Episode 15: "Rose Water of Memories"
Episode 16: "Sweet Rose Memory"
Episode 17: "Patissiere Showdown!"
Episode 18: "The Bitter Circumstances of the Kashino Family"
Episode 19: "Happy Valentine"
Episode 20: "A Powerful Foe?! The Transfer Student from Paris"
Episode 21: "Friendship Maccha Gateau Chocolat!"
Episode 22: "The Promised Perfect Sweets"
Episode 23: "Ichigo Illusion?"
Episode 24: "Chocolate Cake of Love Battle"
Episode 25: "Farewell, Kashino"
Episode 26: "Nightmare of the Heiress Empire"
Episode 27: "Surprise Sweets"
Episode 28: "Ichigo, Natsume, and the Princes"
Episode 29: "The Mille Crepe that Binds"
Episode 30: "Miracle Cheesecake"
Episode 31: "The Princess and the Heiress"

Episode 32: "Tropical Paradise"

Episode 33: "Strawberry Panic"
Episode 34: "The Greatist Pair in History"
Episode 35: "Welcome, Henri-sensei!"
Episode 36: "The Night Before the Finals"
Episode 37: "Unwavering Feelings"
Episode 38: "The Closed Path"
Episode 39: "The Vanished Recipe"
Episode 40: "Bonjour Paris!"
Episode 41: "The Fourth Sweets Prince?"
Episode 42: "Gelato of Happiness"
Episode 43: "Underneath the Orange Tree"
Episode 44: "Chocolate Princess"
Episode 45: "Bon Bon Chocolat De Tour"
Episode 46: "Grandma's Recipe"
Episode 47: "The Paris Found in the Backyard"
Episode 48: "It can't be, Henri-sensei!"
Episode 49: "The Finals at the Palace of Versailles"
Episode 50: "Dream Strawberry Tart"

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