Carame (lキャラメル Kyarameru)
Caramel 5202
Personal Information
Name Carame (lキャラメル Kyarameru)
Professional Status
Team Team Ichigo
Partner Sennosuke Andou
Voice Actor Iino, Mayu

Caramel is Sennosuke Andou's Sweet Spirit. She is useful with caramel. She tends to be a klutz and has a terrible sense of direction. Of all of the Sweets Spirits, she tends to cry more, but she is actually the eldest out of Chocolat, Cafe, Vanilla, and Mint. Caramel is physically very strong, as show in episode 46 when Cafe-kun and Chocolat were discovered she hit the guards with her spoon on till they were unconscious.  


Caramel has caramel-colored eyes and burnt orange hair. She also is one of the three to carry a spoon. Her clothing is the same color scheme as her eyes and hair, resulting in Caramel looking like caramel.

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